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Who is it addressed to?

This course is addressed to those who want to become a Gelato Naturale Chef, and it’s reserved for those who have completed the Basic and Advanced course.

Educational goals

The goal of this course is to become completely independent and it’s the last step in Gelato Naturale Education.
You want to balancing your Neutro? We are the first school that teaches it.
You want to make a delicious Natural Granita Siciliana? You are in the right place.
Do you want to offer your customers Gelato Sticks?
Do you want to expand the offer with single-portion Gelato cakes?
Do you want to teach you how to balance a low glycemic index Gelato?
In this course we can teach you all of this.

4 days
(approximate times)
9.00 - 16.00
  • Alternative Sugars
    • Balancing of Polyalcohols
    • Use of Stevia
    • Use of Coconut sugar,Maple Syrup,Fructose and Honey.
    • Use of Natural stabilizers and their balancing
    • PAC and POD
    • Hypocaloric Gelato
  • Creation of single-portion gelato cakes
    • Conservability and storage
  • Balancing of Natural Granita SICILIANA
    • Chocolate Granita
    • Fruit Granita
    • Coffee Granita
    • Dried Fruit Granita
  • Making of Sticks Gelato
    • Equipment and Popsicles
    • Chocolate Cover(Milk,White and Dark)
Location del corso: Gelato Naturale Academy
Via Pisa 2, 58100 Grosseto (GR)
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