Gelateria Le Giuggiole – Moltrasio

How did your passion for gelato and the idea of ​​opening an gelato shop come about?

How can you not have a passion for gelato? Would I eat it even in the middle of winter? That’s why, years ago, the idea of ​​opening a family gelato shop was born to offer beautiful moments being together

From the first basic course to the opening, almost 10 years have passed and a few things have happened. Can you tell us your story?

My story, do you have time ?? after the first basic course I returned to Lombardy from Umbria and I dedicated myself to my first passion … building my family: I got married and became a mother after which, with my mother and another friend (my tireless companions in this wonderful adventure), the search for the perfect place that led us providentially to Moltrasio, where I live, began.

Why did you decide to focus on natural and high quality gelato?

A natural and high quality gelato because a moment of pleasure and happiness for me also corresponds to a healthy moment. Also I wanted it to be perfect for my baby and his “colleagues”

You have so much fun inventing new flavors, can you give us some examples?

Experimenting and succeeding excites me and fresh raw materials inspire me so “Knodel Pilss”, “Nonna Mimmi” were born and … I already have several others in mind (at night I don’t sleep anymore?)!

The flavors that go more?

The flavors that go more are definitely bread, butter and jam, stracciatella, hazelnut and pistachio

You are married and you have a beautiful child, how do you reconcile family and work?

Initially I was afraid of not being able to reconcile everything but then it was simpler than expected. My shop has a small area dedicated to children so my baby follows me and stays with me thanks to the good hours and a fantastic nanny who stays with us during “peak” hours; my husband works and when he comes back he is superpapá and I can count on the invaluable help of mom, dad and partner!

Three tips that you would give to those who are at the beginning of the journey:

3 tips:
-trust and be guided by Manuele and the school because only then, you can walk with your own legs
-Update and experiment
-always smile

How would you summarize the experience of starting your own business in a few sentences?

The experience of opening a business in a few sentences … is like always being in a blender at maximum power but it gives a lot of satisfaction and emotions
Thanks to you for this possibility, Manuele?

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