Gelato Naturale Balancing Software

A professional software to balance the perfect ice cream recipe that will allow you to save time and resources!

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Creating a perfectly balanced recipe takes no more than a couple of minutes and is super simple!

The GNA Artisan Ice Cream Balancing Software constantly checks and recalculates the weights and percentages of each ingredient, signaling with clear symbols the lack or excess of each component of the ice cream, according to the parameters set by the user.

Once the balancing is done, you just have to set the amount of finished mixture you want to prepare and eventually enter the preparation instructions.

After that, you can easily safe or/and print it.

Professional assistance will be assured!!!

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software gelato

Indispensable for your ice cream parlor, but also for those who simply want to try to create artisanal ice cream recipes in the best and simplest way.

The correct balance of an ice cream mixture is the result of a delicate balance of weights.

Changing the quantity of a single ingredient immediately changes the ratios between all the others.


  • Simple interface
  • Customizable parameters for various types of gelato mixture
  • Calculation of the Anti Freezing Power (PAC)
  • Calculation of Sweetening Power (POD)
  • Calculation of the Overrun percentage
  • Calculation of the percentage of Lactose
  • Calculation of the nutritional value
  • Calculation of the total cost
  • Definition of mixtures as ingredients
  • Recipes archive
  • Export / import of recipes or/and packages
  • Recalculation based on an ingredient
  • Printable product identification labels with complete nutritional table


  • Setting the basic values for Sugar, Fat, MSNF and Total Solids
  • Archive with more than 580 ingredients in current use (editable and updatable)
  • Creation of mixtures or pastry recipes using the ingredients of the archive and the eventually saved products
  • Automatic calculation of weight and final percentages
  • Highlighting for deficiency or excess of each component: S, F, MSNF, Solids
  • Categories of mixtures to work with different parameters
  • Printable processing sheet (complete with weights, preparation and instructions)
  • Printable table for various production quantities that are customizable
  • Printable ingredient lists of the ingredients to inform your customers

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You can define various types of mixes and assign each to different parameters relating to the contents of sugars, fats, solids, etc. You can therefore manage more selectively the white bases from the yellow ones, from the sorbets … Each with its own parameters.

You can identify the ideal serving temperature and therefore of the display case, or vice versa to know how the ice cream will behave according to the temperature of the display case.

You can determine the actual sweetness of the ice cream.

You can determine the correct yield of the mixture during creaming.

You can calculate the percentage of Lactose present in the mixture. A high percentage of lactose with respect to the water present determines a “sandiness” of the product: this function warns if the limit beyond which the ice cream can be sandy is exceeded.

You can calculate the nutrient intake of the mixture. Increasing attention is paid to the nutritional and dietary aspects: with the automatic calculation of nutrients, it is possible to provide customers with complete and legal information on the caloric intake of ice cream. The new nutritional table includes in addition to information on nutrients also the calculation of Weight Watchers Points!

You can calculate the cost of the mixture. Knowing with certainty the cost per kilo of one’s ice cream is essential for a correct economic management of the laboratory.

You can define blends as as ingredients. As in a game of Chinese boxes, it is now possible to include a mixture in another using it as a base, or it is possible to define self-prepared semi-finished products (syrups, premixes, etc.) and use them normally. a parallel archive of recipes for ice cream cakes, slices, cups and any other pastry / ice cream product, using primary ingredients, bases and blends.

You can compact multiple recipes and blends in an external file and exchange them with another user: perfect for ice cream parlor or for consultancy. The package includes all the ingredients and bases that may be used.

You can calculate the cost of the recipe. Knowing the cost of the raw materials of your pastry product is essential to determine a correct sale price.

You can recalculate the entire dose based on the availability of one of the ingredients! “…. I have 5 kg of strawberries: how much mixture can I prepare?”

You can calculate the nutrients of the recipe. Increasing attention is paid to the nutritional and dietary aspect: with the automatic calculation of nutrients it is possible to provide complete information to customers on the products of the laboratory according to the law. The new nutritional table includes, in addition to information on nutrients, also the calculation of Weight Watchers points!

You can generate and print product identification labels complete with nutritional table.For production laboratories this is an essential function: the label shows the manufacturer’s data, the list of ingredients used, the date and the batch of production , the methods of storage and the expiry date of the product, but not only: from version 2.5 you can also have labels with the complete nutritional table.

System Requirements

The Artisan Ice Cream Balancing Software is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, OS X El Capitan v10.11, OS X Yosemite v10.10, OS X Mavericks v10.9.

Certified operation up to macOS 10.15.x “Catalina” Warning: macOS 11.0.x “Big Sur” does not fully support the program and errors may occur when printing when the application is closed.