GNA unique Method

Applied research developed for immediate use


The Natural Gelato Academy through experimentation, study and practice has developed a real innovative method of processing.

Some fundamental principles are the basis of this journey to rediscover a good ice cream because it is genuine, healthy and easy to work with.

Natural Gelato: only raw materials and research for real homemade ice cream.

The decision to create the Gelato Naturale Academy stems from the incompleteness of study materials and available training. From hungry ice cream makers to innovation we have studied every text and attended practically every ice cream shop on the market, unfortunately even the most famous ones based their teachings on concepts that made the history of Italian ice cream, but which are now “anziani” of almost two generations.
Coming out of the standard recipes and trying to create new tastes, the balance of the recipe became a nightmare: several attempts were needed to balance the overrun and standardize the spreadability of the product.
Evidently the balance that was taught to us did not take into account fundamental variables, and therefore limited creativity, a vital aspect to emerge on the competition.

This is why Manuele Presenti started working at original balancing system that is taught only in Natural Gelato Academy (Read the story in the Blog).
The Present Balancing System, born in 2007/2008 and now refined for over 10 years of research and integration, is the only one to guarantee for every recipe that the raw material, carefully selected and processed according to the GNA method, does not oxidize, the flavor remains unchanged and the texture of the ice cream obtained is creamier.


The first school to set free the creativity of Gelato Makers

At the base of the method there is the first fundamental principle: the ingredients of our recipes are only selected raw materials, excellences of Italian and world gastronomy, then handcrafted only at the time of preparation. It is this initial process that makes the difference in the development of our recipes.

In our exclusive Presenti’s Balancing System are not allowed preservativesartificial colorings and chemical agents in any phase of processing.

For example, in the family ice cream parlor, Manuele works directly in the Piedmont IGP hazelnuts laboratory, the Sicilian pistachios (Bronte) and Greece, the Maremma pine nuts of exclusive origin to obtain natural dried fruit pastas. With the same philosophy, only fresh local and seasonal fruit, organic eggs and fresh whole milk are chosen: a few ingredients, carefully selected and genuine, where possible organic and local, to create healthy and natural products.

The system is not limited to Italian excellence, as the success of our students in the world shows, any ingredient managed with the GNA Method can be transformed into a creamy and easily scoopable gelato. The magic requires only 4 steps, with precise calculations guided by parameters and techniques taught in our courses, without blind attempts.

1 step – Fat balancing – For the type of ice cream we have identified the correct amount of fat to give it taste and creaminess. – We obtain homogeneous ice creams with the same consistency.
2 step – PAC balancing and showcase temperature – We obtain teaspoons ice creams at the same temperature
3 step – Overrun and Stability – We can determine the air that will naturally incorporate ice cream. – We will have a hotter ice cream and it will not melt immediately. We will show you how to use pure natural stabilizers and fibers without a European code. – For a 100% natural ice cream.

1 step – Fruit dosing – Let’s determine the characterization of the taste with a high percentage of fresh fruit.
2 step – PAC balancing and showcase temperature – To obtain sorbets that remain at the same serving temperature as the creams
3 step – Stability – Based on the different qualities of fruit, we are going to correctly dose stabilizers and pure fibers.

+ Plus – All this does not create constraints and allows you to create recipes independently, being creative and independent is our mission.

Logo Scuola Gelato Artigianale

Global approach to Gelato making

the product is only the first of the requirements for success

The Gelato Naturale Academy carries out research on all the areas involved in the realization of a successful project.

The best ice cream is not enough to be successful on the market, for this reason we take care of the following: ice cream parlor studies and support activities:

  • ingredients and raw materials;
  • recipes and new tastes;
  • preparing personalized recipes;
  • reduction of water and energy costs of the activity;
  • systems of conservation of natural ice cream;
  • systems and sales methods;
  • location analysis and equipment choice;
  • marketing and promotion of the store.

This infinite passion combined with in-depth professional knowledge are put at the service of those who want to get closer to this profession.

Goodness and genuineness are the beginning and the ultimate end of my work, which is why I say no to the use of hydrogenated fats, preservatives, dyes, chemical flavors and semi-finished industrial products.
Only in this way can we return to the tradition of the “integral”, intended as an intact and natural product, and spread the culture of self-care, both in terms of health and taste. Wellness first of all.
The quality depends on strictly natural products and the “naturalness” also determines the economic sustainability of an artisan reality.
Doing things well (well balanced recipes, optimized procedures) allows you to save on the cost of the ingredients, waste less, save energy and above all work in the right ways and at the right time.
Integral Wellness according to Manuele Presenti


Gelateria Artigianale Senza Compromessi

battle that we fight from the first day is to the true craftsmanship of ice cream . We have coined the words#nosemilavorati to get out of the Italian legislative and bureaucratic confusion and to better frame the concept.

#nosemilavorati is an ice cream production method that requires the direct processing of all raw materials .

#nosemilavorati is a choice that changes the way of producing ice cream and allows you to make a product of the highest quality .

#nosemilavorati is also a guarantee for consumers .

In the world of ice cream, there are semi-finished products of all kinds, from the single ingredient to the powder bases to make complete tastes, from sugary pastries to various tastes to variegates.

No objections from us until now, these are products to obtain an ice cream following an industrial recipe. However, when Italian legislation permits the labeling of the ice cream produced with these preparations as “ artisan “, then we feel compelled to dispel the uncertainty .

To make a difference, we created the words “ No Semi-finished Products ” in order to guarantee a 100% natural and unique product .