A school created to spread the true art of Natural Gelato


A school created to spread the true art of Natural Gelato

Our school was founded with the intent to teach the true art of Natural Gelato!

We are instructing the future gelato makers to balance their recipes starting from the scratch using only raw materials, without the use of preparations or semi-finished products.

Thanks to the success of our innovative balancing method, that is much simpler and intuitive than others, we are growing the first Gelato Naturale community. The gelato makers always keep in close contact with each other, with constant comparison and updating, sharing our everyday experience and knowledge! Out of our experience we can grow and innovate!

After years of hard work, now we are sure that we have taken the right path. The gelato quality, the success and the awards of our students grow more and more and fill us with pride.

It is not a coincidence but the result of our teaching passion, our constant research and our unique balancing method. Every year more students who have followed the courses are reported in the prestigious Guide of Gambero Rosso with their shops!

Only 40 gelato parlors in Italy have been awarded with the Tre Coni in the Gambero Rosso Guide! Among them, from several editions, the excellence of the natural gelato of the Gelateria Chiccheria by Manuele Presenti, President and Master of the Natural Gelato Academy is recognized. But now it is no longer alone, so many gelato parlors that have followed the courses of the Gelato Naturale Academy are climbing the rankings.


The Founder

Manuele Presenti

Master chef gelato naturale

Toscano, Ice cream maker with international experience, Manuele Presenti is the owner of the Gelateria Chiccheria. After completing his studies, Manuele works with commitment and dedication in the family artisan pastry-making shop, founded by his mother Annamaria and his father Luciano in 1976. It’s here that he refines his technical experience, through experimentation, study and practice.

In 2008 he founded the “Natural Gelato School”, whose philosophy is precisely that of producing a deeply natural product, free of thickeners, dyes and chemical flavors, using only selected and high quality raw materials. In 2013 the “Natural Gelato School” evolved into the “Gelato Naturale Academy”.

… every day I commit myself to convey the knowledge and the value of the ingredients I use

He is the creator of the recipe for creamy ice cream on a stick Geloso. The first ice cream on stick in the world produced without the aid of preservatives, thickeners, semi-processed and dyes: using only selected and high quality raw materials. Geloso is put on the market in 2018 with the participation and experience of Allegra Antinori and Francesco Trapani.

And development

Brigitte Canins

The heart of the Gelato Naturale Academy

She takes care of welcoming students and managing contacts. Having a dual mother tongue (Italian and German) and knowing the English language too, it is not difficult for her to manage contacts from all over the world

She was born in Ortisei, a town in the Dolomites (BZ) and after her two degrees in music, she dedicates herself to opera singing and to the organization of events in Italy and Europe.

She has been studying social media marketing for over 10 years and she is always up to date.

She is a trusted consultant in the opening phase both for the layout and for the social media.

Having gained a lot of experience during her daily work in the Academy and in the family gelato parlor (Chiccheria, 3 Coni Gambero Rosso), she has followed openings all over the world and teaches in the Natural Gelato Academy.

She has started and completed several projects developed by the Gelato Naturale Academy team and she certainly never stops, on the contrary. There is always a margin of improvement and new ideas in her mind.



From the beginning, our goal is to get a real natural gelato without using industrial products! We coined the term #nosemilavorati to get out of the legislative and bureaucratic confusion and to focus the concept.

#nosemilavorati is a gelato production method that requires the direct processing of raw materials.

#nosemilavorati is a choice that changes the way of making gelato and allows us to create a top quality product! And it is also a guarantee for your consumers.

Worldwide, there are semi-finished products of all types: single ingredients, complete powders to create whole flavours, from sugar pastes to toppings, sauces and crunchy inserts.

No objection on our part so far, these are useful products to obtain an ice cream following an industrial recipe. However, this isn’t anything artisan and definitely not a natural gelato.

To make the difference, you have to guarantee a 100% natural and unique product that is genuine and tasty at the same time!