No semi-finished

#nosemilavorati (#nosemifinished) = 100% Natural Gelato


For us, #nosemilavorati is not just a concept, but an ice cream production method that requires the direct processing of all the raw materials.
#nosemilavorati is a choice that changes the way we produce ice cream and allows us to create a top quality product.
#nosemilavorati is also a guarantee for consumers.

What is a “semi-finished”?

In the dictionary, the term “semifinished” is defined as follows: “product that has undergone processing and is the intermediate stage for further processing”.
In ice cream parlors, as well as in restaurants, pastry shops and bakeries, it refers to the industrial compounds used in the production of ice cream which allows to simplify and skip production processes more complex but also most important.

In fact, in the world of ice cream, there are semi-finished products of all kinds, from the single ingredient such as dried fruit pastas (hazelnuts, pistachios, pine nuts, etc.), to powder bases to create complete tastes, as well as sugary pastas with various flavors (tiramisu , zabaione, gianduia, bacio, cream, zuppa inglese, malaga, mascarpone, ricotta, etc.) and variegates ranging from stracciatella to fruit.

WHY CHOOSE #nosemilavorati?

A slogan to fill the regulatory gap

To understand our choice we must start from the regulatory gap that exists in Italy regarding the term “homemade“.

According to the laws in force anyone who has a room and a laboratory that possesses the hygienic-sanitary requisites required by law, can define his own Gelato as “homemade“and define himself as Ice Cream Artisan, even if he makes his own products using industrial semi-finished products , colorings and aromas .
The absence of clear legislation falls on end consumers who find themselves not knowing what they are eating. If convinced to choose a “homemade” product and therefore healthy, customers find themselves industrial pasta and freeze-dried products, certainly not healthy.

For example, in our opinion it is not right to call “artisanal” a tiramisu ice cream made without fresh mascarpone and egg yolks, or a ricotta ice cream made with ricotta powder, not to mention a fruit sorbet made with freeze-dried products.

This approach

  • confuses the consumer,
  • limits the creativity and growth of the ice cream maker,
  • but above all it spoils the true flavors, making them uniform and homologating them.

To make a difference we have created the wording “No Semi-finished Products” in such a way as to guarantee a unique and 100% natural product .

Find out how we apply this philosophy!