Gelalto – Termoli

Before taking the big step of opening your own business, you had another job. Can you tell us your story?

I started very young and always left my city to work. I have been in the tourism sector for many years in Veneto and Val Gardena in South Tyrol

How did your passion for gelato and the idea of ​​opening an gelato shop come about?

It’s simple, gelato means happiness and that’s why the idea of ​​opening an gelato shop was born, just to try to give small moments of happiness

Why did you decide to focus on natural and high quality gelato?

Because the difference is felt and so much. Working the raw materials in the laboratory is tiring but rewarding and then there is the satisfaction of seeing the customer marvel at the goodness of the gelato

How did you meet Manuele Presenti and the Natural Gelato Academy?

I met the Gelato Naturale Academy through Facebook, because I was looking for an gelato school that would make me work independently and creatively, and then talking on the phone with Manuele Presenti to ask for the first information I immediately understood that I had a dealing with a prepared and honest person.

The flavors that go more?

First of all, the pistachio no doubt follow hazelnut and cheesecake and millefeuille are also asking a lot

Three tips that you would give to those who are at the beginning of the journey:

The first is to have tenacity to carry out the choices made. The second is to take care of every single detail to make a difference and the third is to always try to improve

How would you summarize the experience of starting your own business in a few sentences?

For me it was magnificent, the realization of a project and a dream that I have always had

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