You opened your natural gelato shop a few days ago. How did it go?

The plan to build an gelato shop abroad was ambitious and tiring. After resurrecting us to open I am very happy, I must say yes, it went well. I am happy with the opening.

What made you want to open an gelato shop? And why in Tel Aviv?

Already as a child I liked to prepare desserts and I always helped at home to prepare them, It was a desire to open something of my own in the food sector.

What job did you do before and what was your everyday life unlike now?

I love gelato, but I was always demanding for quality. 100% natural and a must!

Why did you choose the Natural Gelato Academy?

I searched the Internet where we study gelato preparation and so I found you.

Were internships useful for your training?

When I did the courses in Grosseto I immediately understood that this job is mine. And very creative without limit.

What gelato does Tel Aviv like?

Since then I have also created the Linzer flavor, which is now also very successfully prepared by the students in their gelato parlors.

Here in Tel Aviv they love Pistachio and Chocolato. In fact, Sacher tastes very much.

Popular flavors are also Malabi (taste of roses) and Halva. (sesame flavor)

What advice would you give to someone who wants to open a business like yours?

To open an gelato shop you must first understand how to make yourself different from other gelato shops, then work on the concept and obviously everything on the basis of a business plan.

And the most important thing is to do it with a lot of passion and an open heart.

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