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La ricerca e la sperimentazione a cui mi dedico ogni giorno per migliorare il metodo Gelato Naturale Academy porta a innovazioni anche fuori dalle gelaterie …
Vi segnaliamo con piacere la classifica di Dissapore, sito di riferimento del mondo del food, delle 15 migliori gelaterie d'Italia. Tra le gelaterie selezionate, 5 di …
Millionaire dedica nell'edizione di ieri un articolo a Stefania Sissi Pagani e Marco Camorali che nel 2015, dopo una formazione targata Gelato Naturale Academy, hanno aperto …
Kornit Young
The perfect place in the most perfect region of Italy to learn how to make gelato. Manuele and his assistant Mariano were extremely patient, very friendly and knowledgeable. The experience was fun (and tasty of course:). I would recommend to anyone who's looking to learn how to make gelato to go to this school. After 10 days there I feel that I got a good, solid foundation and that the possibilities of what to do with this knowledge is endless.... read more
Alice Huynh
I had such a great time here and learnt so much!! Thank you Manuele for your time!!
Creamies Gelateria
Manuele is the ultimate gelato teacher. Patient and thorough he will walk you through the basics of the balancing system right through to advanced techniques and theories. Be prepared for some maths and science! The Gelato Natural Academy is 100% recommended to anyone that wants to craft natural gelato without industrial pastes and syrups. We have no hesitation in recommending anyone contact Manuele to get started or wanting to perfect their technique and will happily sing Manuele's praises to anyone who wants to get in contact with us. - Creamies Gelateria Wollongong, Australia... read more
Haitham M
Really great experience, i had the one week course in English, it was base and advanced, the way that chief Manuele uses his balancing system is very useful and it works ! I really had fun and improved my gelato quality in my shop, i took many gelato courses and i think this is the one you only need ! The best thing for me was that after the course he took his time to answer my questions and to help me. thanks to Gelato Naturale Academy and Manuele ❤️... read more
רפי אשכנזי
Hi everyone, This week I completed a basic and advanced gelato course at the Gelato Natural Academy in Grosseto, Italy. Since I have no experience in the gelato field, I chose to do the one on one course with the chef Manuele Presenti. Manuele, a special person, Professional and excellent teacher with a lot of patience for the student. During the course I learned many topics from the basics, what is gelato, how to produce, including the flavor balancing method that developed by the chef Manuele and which makes the whole learning experience simple, interesting and enjoyable. I learned Gelato based on milk, sorbets, vegan gelato and some granites. The course was for me an experience, teaching, challenging and very enjoyable experience and I highly recommend anyone who wants to learn the field to do so with the chef Manuele Presenti. As a graduate of the course, the school allows you to experience a few days in an active ice cream parlor. I was very happy about this possibility and will add a few words about my wonderful experience there. Manuela referred me to the POZIONI DI NEVE, ice cream store in the beautiful Santo Porto Stefano. POZIONI DI NEVE, an Amazing ice cream parlor owned by Mr. Carlo Minucci the charming. Carlo, a former Manuela student, a professional guy , received me with great joy and throughout the internship patiently answered all the many questions that came up, gave me work from the first moment and teach me a lot. When it necessary, stopped the work to explain and teach and everything in good spirit and always with a smile on his face, thank you for everything Carlo. And thanks also to Giovanni, the charming young man who works with Carlo. In the internship, all the subjects I studied in the course were expressed, and I warmly recommend this. Refael Askenazi Israel... read more