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A settembre è tempo di tornare a scuola... Scuola di gelato ovviamente! Un grande ringraziamento per aver raccontato la nostra storia a Chiara e a Storie …
La ricerca e la sperimentazione a cui mi dedico ogni giorno per migliorare il metodo Gelato Naturale Academy porta a innovazioni anche fuori dalle gelaterie …
Vi segnaliamo con piacere la classifica di Dissapore, sito di riferimento del mondo del food, delle 15 migliori gelaterie d'Italia. Tra le gelaterie selezionate, 5 di …
Gerard Low
I attended Gelato Naturale Academy’s (GNA) Basic, Advanced and Specialisation courses in Jan-Feb 2020 after sampling their awesome gelato at this year’s Sigep exhibition. Although I had been making gelato and came to the courses with some prior experience, there was still a lot to learn over the 9 days. Manuele offered fresh perspectives on recipe formulation, selection and preparation of natural ingredients, as well as many valuable tips gleaned from his years of research and experience. Unlike schools and academies of big brands in the industry, the GNA course did not try to sell industrial products or equipment. At the end of the course, you would have the foundation to develop your own recipes and freedom to work with any raw material from scratch. PS: Grazie Manuele, Brigitte, Sandro and Mariano, you were lovely... read more
Arthur Mudde
I attended the Basic+Advanced course, and we covered all the topics needed to understand how to make our own gelato, using only raw, natural ingredients and no semifinished products. This also covered vegan and alcoholic gelato. I ate (and made myself, actually) some of the best gelato in my life there. The maestro Manuele, with the help of Mariano, made it an excellent experience! I highly recommend this school!... read more
Kate Lyba
If you want to learn the beautiful art of making gelato completely free of artificial addings and colouring, including vegan and alcohol options from the scratch you are in a right place! Manuele and his wife are great teachers who continue secrets of traditional artizan gelato making by own family. My learning experience there was amazing and very useful, you will definitely be satisfied taking that course as for a beginner or advanced learners. All the best!... read more
Gabriela Osuna Azcona Dominguez
I highly recomend the Gelato Naturale Academy, I did the basic and advance course one week and the specialization the next week, I never thought I was going to learn that much in two weeks! With the Presenti balancing system I feel prepare to make any type of gelato I want, they teach how to make gelato from scratch, you can be creative and get amazing results!! Manuele has so much patience and expertise, thank you so much to all the team, Manuele, Briggitte, Mariano, Andrea and Samuele.... read more
claudio fumagalli
We did a two day course with Manuele which he personalised especially for us as per our request. The course was very detailed and informative. Manuele was very knowledgeable and answered all our questions about gelato.We highly recommend this course.