Geloso, ice cream on a stick revolution

The latest undertaking by Manuele Presenti.
Geloso was born from the intuition of three young members, Jacopo Mattei, Lesya Vorona and Fabrizio Pirro who, together with Chef Manuele Presenti and Allegra Antinori, founded an innovative company that brought natural ice-cream into the world of gelato packaged par excellence: the ice cream on a stick.
Recently acquired for 51% by Francesco Trapani, already a shareholder of Foodation, Tiffany and Tages Holding, Geloso is preparing to revolutionize our idea of ​​gelato.

In fact, Manuele Present succeeded in creating a completely natural product able to maintain unexpected creaminess and consistency for a stick ice cream.
The innovative nature of Geloso’s proposal – which keeps the creaminess of a traditional spatula ice cream combined with the functionality and “portability” of an ice cream on a stick – is a particularly relevant driver for the company’s distribution model.

The ice cream is made at the Formello laboratory where, under the supervision of Manuele Presenti, the entire production process takes place, from the processing of the raw material to the finished product.

Thanks to the expertise and the deep knowledge of the food & amp; beverage by Allegra Antinori, a prominent exponent of the homonymous winery, will represent a further added value aimed at favoring the growth path of Geloso.
As for retail, Geloso plans to open a flagship store in the next few weeks in the historic center of Rome, followed by a series of pop-up stores, while the penetration on the wholesale market will take place in bars and restaurants and in places where traditionally there is no ice cream, such as luxury hotels, golf courses, gyms (with a dedicated line of hyperproteic ice cream). Finally, the product will be available on the main delivery channels and at private events with wells and dedicated supports.

“Just like pizza, gelato is a recognized symbol of Made in Italy food, but in our country, with the exception of packaged products, cases of recognized ice-cream brands are rare. The innovativeness of Geloso’s proposal and its refined style, the high quality of the product and the high-end approach, will make Geloso a brand with a strong personality and recognizability ”

— Francesco Trapani