Gelateria Rizzardini – Laufen (Germany)

The story of 5 generations of ice cream makers, now 100% Natural with the commitment of Luca Rizzardini

Luca is the fifth generation, what motivated you to continue this work?
For me it is not a job first of all, for me it is a tradition, a passion … Making ice cream is my life. Ice cream is happiness, creativity and the story of my family.
If you love this product, it is in nature to carry on this wonder.

How did you develop your recipes?
I have a recipe book at home, written by all those who, in my family, have made ice cream before me. Then every so often from the stories came out other recipes that I have always transcribed. And if something was wrong, trying the recipe, then adjusted to the eye.

Why did you choose Academy Natural Gelato?
Destiny has wanted that since 2008 I followed La Chiccheriaon Facebook, shortly after they left with the Academy and they captured me.
And then they are professional guys, great friends, with whom to share this art. What to look for?

Which taste do you sell more?
The taste that I sell more? what I will create tomorrow!

How is the market in Germany?
In Germany, ice cream is appreciated, and also the quality you offer: they are open to all news, in every direction.

What are your future plans?
I want to carry on the family tradition with love and passion.
Carrying out the good, healthy gelato, as it once was.
And my dream is that after me come the sixth generation and forward again…

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