Glideria Arte – Tel Aviv (Israel)

In April 2015 in Tel Aviv we flanked an enthusiastic team that passionately created the Glideria Arte: 100% natural and artisan ice cream with the touch of creativity and Italian genius!
Discover their passion for Natural Gelato in our interview.


What did you do before opening an ice cream parlor?

We were diving instructors and managers of cruise liners in Indonesia.


Why did you open an ice cream parlor?

To realize the dream of our “second life”, for passion and because we had very precise the particular concept of the natural ice cream we wanted to create, linked to art in general, not only in ice cream.


Why did you choose the Natural Gelato Academy and what was your training?

Wanting to create a “really” natural ice cream shop, we inquired about what was the best school. After the course at the Natural Gelato Academy we have had experience at the Dolce Amaro gelateria in Marco Tumino, in Viareggio, and in Sicily at the Aquarius of Carmelo Gullo, in Oliveri.


Which taste do you sell more?

Apart from the classics (Pistachio and Chocolates) go very vegans (as the most recent creation: Lemon-Cardamom-Liquorice sorbet), the Cheesecake, and finally a cream with goat cheese, honey and pear.


How is the market in Israel and how are you?

Tel Aviv in particular is a young city, hungry for novelty and quality, very well disposed towards what is Italian.

You work hard but with satisfaction. We opened 3 years ago and achieved a primary position in the city.


What are your future plans?

We are evaluating two possibilities:

A) conquer the whole world with a galactic-sized enterprise


B) to maintain a family business as it is today, at most one extra store.


… We will probably opt for the second one.

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