Early Bird – Berlin (Germany)

Why did you open an ice cream parlor?

After years spent in computer science I was looking for a new adventure in the world of food and beverage and I found in the ice cream parlor the opportunity for a creative work in contact with the public.

With which technique did you start making ice cream?

Right from the start I chose the Presenti method, I toured Italy far and wide, visiting schools and ice-cream parlors. The lightning strike is popped in Grosseto.

Why did you choose the Natural Gelato Academy?

At the beginning I was intrigued by the excellent reviews and the opinions of the previous students, then I had the opportunity to chat with Manuele who immediately proved to be very courteous and competent and very interested and enthusiastic about my project to open an ice cream shop Berlin and finally I took the car and I made 400 kilometers to try his ice cream.

How do you find yourself with the present balancing system?

The system is excellent, simple and intuitive, it allows me with great ease to work on the consistency and sweetness of the ice cream by changing each recipe without difficulty according to the needs.

Which taste do you sell more?

My ice cream parlor is located in Berlin and the favorite flavors here are Vanilla and Mango followed by chocolate.
Our customers greatly appreciate our Salted Caramel and the sorbet versions of Pistachio and Peanut Butter that we variegate with raspberry jam or blackcurrant.

How is the market in Berlin?

Germans love ice cream, they are very big consumers. Unfortunately, the ice cream parlors with ice creams produced by large companies and then sold in bars and kiosks at very low prices have been the masters for years. This means that digesting € 2 for a small cup for someone is sometimes a bit ‘difficult, so it is important communication that we tell how much passion we put and how we are careful to choose the products we use without forgetting the fact that our it is a 100% natural ice cream. There are, however, besides us, many other ice cream parlors that are born year after year and that make the quality and research of the ingredients their flag and this ends up being a team game that helps all the professionals in the scope of quality ice cream.

Are you open all year? How’s work during the cold winter months?

During 2017 we closed only the week of Christmas, this year we decided to close the whole month of December and even a few days in January. We must add that we are not only an ice-cream parlor but also a cafeteria, we serve an excellent hand-roasted coffee here outside Berlin, croissants, cakes and sandwiches; in the warmer months, 35% of the revenues are given by this sector up to 95% in the coldest months when the ice cream the Germans do not run for nothing, this allows us to extend the season and have a lifebuoy when the weather is not on our side.

Projects for the future?

I won’t hide that I’d like to open a second ice cream parlor here in Berlin but before there are still many things to fix and improve, it would be nice to have a bike to sell ice cream in one of the many beautiful parks in the city.
Ah … We also received a proposal from Brooklyn.

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