Mamma Mia – Lisbon (Portugal)

In 2017 the first truly artisanal gelato shop in Lisbon opens its doors in Lisbon!
This is how their adventure and collaboration with the Gelato Naturale Academy was born.
Mamma Mia that goodness!


Why did you open an ice cream parlor?

The ice cream parlor is part of a sector that I always like and I love.


Why Lisbon?

Because it’s a fantastic city, on a trip for a few days’ holidays I was struck by its beauty and its light … I decided it would become my home and that’s how it was!


Why did you choose the Natural Gelato Academy and what was your training?

The fact is a bit ‘curious because I was not an ice cream connoisseur, I did not like it at all, until I tried a great homemade ice cream at the course of Manuele Presenti. The first course I did as a hobby, but then everything turned into a passion that I continued to cultivate over the years, until this passion has turned into a real professional activity. In the last 8 years I have attended several courses at the Gelato Naturale Academy where I improved and perfected the artisan ice cream technique and, when I opened here in Lisbon with a Portuguese partner, we decided together to take advantage of the advice and support on site Manuele. The whole team “Mamma Mia” is grateful to Manuele Presenti and to the Natural Gelato Academy.


Which taste do you sell more?

A good fight between Oreo and Pistachio.


What are the biggest differences compared to the Italian market?

They have less tradition to eat ice cream in winter and on cold days but it is a trend that is changing. Most people like an ice cream with more ice cream, in the coldest sense. For the rest more or less like the Italians.


Would you choose this choice?

Yes, I would do it all the same.


What are your future plans?

Continue to grow while maintaining quality in ice cream production and customer service!


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