Here’s why Gelato Naturale Academy is considered “the inimitable gelato school”

Becoming an gelato master may seem affordable, it is enough to put together good products, a bit of creativity, follow market demands and anyone can be able to make a good gelato .

On the other hand, not everyone has the good fortune of being able to know, and learn, the deepest secrets of this ancient art , the true craftsmanship of gelato, the natural one really because it is free of thickeners, dyes and chemical aromas , made using only quality raw materials processed according to a precise, original and inimitable method .

Our classic… Pane, burro e marmellata!

It is precisely the method that distinguishes the Natural Gelato Academy , the one that identifies it as “ inimitable ” gelato school.
Manuele Presenti , gelato maker with international experience, 10 years ago experiments and elaborates the “ Presenti’s balancing system, the only one that guarantees for each recipe that the carefully processed raw material maintains its flavor unaltered and the gelato made with it has a creamier texture and a balanced spreadability .
All this is possible only if the ingredients are rigorously selected, raw materials of absolute quality, from local and seasonal fruit to organic eggs and fresh whole milk. Few but genuine ingredients to make a healthy and natural product.

An innovative work method that many today seek to replicate , but which remains inimitable since the Gelato Naturale Academy goes on on its way in research , in technical improvement and in process optimization , in attention to new technologies and market trends , always creating new recipes and experimenting with new tastes and new combinations, teaching the true art of natural gelato , disseminating and sharing the recognition of their excellence throughout the world .

Uva e alloro? Why not!

From Israel to Mexico, from Japan to Northern Europe, from Africa to the Mediterranean, the experience of the Gelato Naturale Academy continues to be transmitted to those who have chosen to experiment with its method scientific to transform every idea into an original recipe of rigorously natural gelato .

The main benefit of this innovative processing method is indeed in the its adaptability to any recipe , and consequently to any raw material .

Only those who attend one of the courses offered by the Natural Gelato Academy will discover their potential , grow by working in the right way, keep up to date and share their experience with the gelato makers of the international natural gelato community , up to obtain the certification of gelato that really only works with natural ingredients.

And this happens only at the Gelato Naturale Academy.