The most requested gelato flavors



Here are the most requested flavors:

Given that the trend is increasingly towards natural ice cream, all over Italy are born ice cream parlors that point to taste: less color and more flavor! The ice creams that people want are without dyes, without preservatives, without additives. You can however impress with the colors, for example with a smurf taste today made with spirulina or other natural ingredients. Then there are techniques to preserve a bright color of the ingredients, but here we go into too much detail.

The novelty is that of black ice cream, the latest trend witnessed by the quantity of images posted on Instagram. Launched about a year ago in America with the name of Coconut Ash, it has a very special color, which in the original recipe is given by coconut or almond ash.

The trend of ‘without’ is still very much in vogue, which after every type of food (no gluten, no fat, no lactose, no sugar, …) has also exploded in ice cream. Always remember: before ever more extravagant tastes, the market is hungry for an ice cream made well, natural and above all healthy.

Now we have seen a little ‘what are the demands of customers, but I also want to talk about my personal experience as an ice cream maker: Our production of ice cream is made up largely of classic tastes. Pistachio is the best-selling taste ever. and the ‘without’ tastes are growing, from the milk-free and dairy-derived to the eggless, with ingredients of vegetable origin, also for their greater digestibility. This growing demand stimulates the entire category to systematically progress on the knowledge and quality of the product. There is also a growing demand for single portions, granitas, semifreddos and ice cream tubs to take home or as a dessert when you are invited to some lunch or dinner (for this reason, I am also evaluating ice-creams that can be stored at -18 degrees …)

The world market for Italian gelato is currently worth over 15 billion euros, with an average growth of 4% per year. Extremely positive signs of growth can be found today in the East, from China to Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, to Australia (Source: PWC).

New, exciting opportunities are also gaining momentum in the United States: according to Euromonitor and Mintel, Italian ice cream accounts for about 5% of the US $ 14.3 billion ice cream market, with a projection of sales growth that Year it reaches 32.3%.

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