Gelato Naturale Basic + Advanced Course course in english language

Gelato Naturale Basic + Advanced Course course in english language

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The newly updated Basic + Advanced Course is a necessary step for those who want to create original recipes autonomously. After basic and advanced it’s possible to take a free stage in a Natural Gelateria.

It is also possible to take only basic course


Course objectives

After the Basic Course you will have a solid knowledge of Italian artisan gelato and you will be able to: understand ingredients and different production methods, produce gelato, sorbet without industrial products, plan your investments, compare retail strategies, respect hygiene criteria in the laboratory.

Who is it addressed to?

This course is catered for aspiring gelato entrepreneurs who wants to take a first step to learn how to produce high quality authentic Italian gelato.



Course objectives

At the end of this course you will know all the technical properties of gelato in order to personalise your recipes, thanks to the new knowledge of: composition of ingredients, balancing techniques of vegan gelato, alternative sugar analysis, recognising and correcting defects of gelato.

Who is it addressed to?

This course is designed for who would like to differentiate and upgrade the quality of gelato as well as enlarging the product assortment and personalising it.

5 giorni
(orario indicativo)
9.00 - 16.00


  • Gelato: what is it?
  • Raw materials
  • Production method
  • Balancing system Presenti gelato base milk
  • Sorbets – cold method
  • Production Cycle
  • Gelato with inclusions and variegations
  • Milk-based fruit flavors
  • Business Planning and retail concepts


  • Raw vegan Materials – vegetable milk
  • Vegan gelato balancing Presenti (fruits, nuts and chocolate)
  • Ingredient replacement method
  • Alternative sugar ( agave syrup,honey,matitol, eretritol )
  • Gelato for people suffering with food intollerance – Allergies and intollerances
  • Granita siciliana
  • Yogurt and Frozen Yogurt
  • Infusion technique
  • International flavors with local ingredients and specialties
Location del corso: Gelato Naturale Academy
Via Pisa 2, 58100 Grosseto (GR)
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